Come On In, The Vibe is Lovely

Hello lovely Parent.

It’s alright. You’re in exactly the right place at the right time.

I am a Transformational Parenting Coach. I offer solutions that explode you into your strength and self-worth, help you fully embrace your authentic self, and live a life you actually love and look forward to waking up to. Every. Single. Day.

Sound too good to be true? Read on.

I help mothers,

  • the mothers that don’t feel good enough,
  • the mothers who give-give-give to their children and leave little or nothing for themselves,
  • the perfectionist mothers,
  • the burnt-out mothers,
  • the mothers who try their very best but just cannot control their triggers,
  • the mothers with short fuses and big tempers,
  • the mothers being mom-shamed or unduly influenced by others,
  • the mothers who feel guilty and never feel like they’re doing enough for their children, no matter how hard they work.
  • the women who aren’t mothers yet – but want to be the best version of themselves they can be for when the time comes.

I’m Camilla and I teach parents the tools to truly love their lives, feel excited and happy on a daily basis, wake up with energy and motivation and how to live a fullfilling life full of connection and love.

Sound impossible? Like a dream come true? The techniques are actually really simple. I’ve done this for myself. I’ve fully transformed my life. I used to be the haggard, on-edge parent. The one with the ‘EVERYTHING IS FINE!’ gritted teeth, fake smile plastered on, while I felt horrible inside, because I was just trying to get by.


Through various courses, programs, and having life-coaching of my own, I’ve learnt how to do this, and now I teach parents the exact recipe and tools for how to do this for themselves. The tools are incredibly simple.

This is my life purpose.