It’s alright. You’re in exactly the right place at the right time.

I’m the unusual parenting coach.

The down to earth parenting coach who won’t sit in an office chair “mansplaining” motherhood to you with a clipboard in one hand. You already know what motherhood feels like, with its highs and its lows.

I will join you in the trenches. I will hold your hand.
I will cry and laugh with you.

I know what it feels like.
I’m a mother too.

Founder of Camilla Parenting Coach
Ex-shouter, Ex-stress head, Bad-Habit Breaker,
She’s seen and tried it all.

Camilla Gammelgaard-Baker holds degrees in Psychology and Psychodynamic counselling, and has worked with families for 20 + years.

Camilla has lived in 7 different countries in Europe, The Middle East, and Asia and has a lot of understanding of what family roles and values mean to different people.

She’s like the girl next door, but with a pocketful of parenting and psychology expertise.

(..okay a bit more than just a pocketful, but let’s keep it real. There’s no need to brag.)

There is no judgment here.

Camilla is a Transformational Parenting Coach. She offers solutions to explode you into your strength and self-worth, help you fully embrace your authentic self, and live a life you actually love and look forward to waking up to. Every. Single. Day.

Camilla helps:

* mothers that don’t feel good enough,

* mothers who give-give-give to their children and leave little or nothing for themselves,

* perfectionist mothers,

* burnt-out mothers,

* the mothers who try their very best but just cannot control their triggers,

* mothers with short fuses and big tempers,

* mothers who feel guilty and never feel like they’re doing enough for their children, no matter how hard they work.

* the women who aren’t mothers yet – but want to be the best version of themselves they can be for when the time comes.

I help you set goals for how you want to improve your parenting and then I keep you accountable.

I don’t tell you what to do, but I can offer you inspiration and tools for things that could benefit your family.

I teach parents the tools to truly love their lives, feel excited and happy on a daily basis, wake up with energy and motivation and how to live a fulfilling life full of connection and love.

Sound impossible? Like a dream come true?

I’ve fully transformed my life. The techniques are actually really simple.

I used to be the haggard, on-edge parent.
The one with the ‘EVERYTHING IS FINE!’ gritted teeth, fake smile plastered on, while I felt horrible inside, because I was just trying to get by.


Through various courses, programs, and having life-coaching of my own, I’ve learnt how to do this, and now I teach parents the exact recipe and tools for how to do this for themselves. The tools are incredibly simple.

This is my life purpose.

Sometimes we all need to be reminded of the awesome human being we are.

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