Why Me?

Okay, so you’ve decided you’d like some coaching. Now the question is, why choose me?

You have got to listen to your gut feeling on this one. You will know who is the right Parenting Coach for you, so just trust yourself. Maybe have a free consultation session with a few different coaches and see who you click best with, or who makes the most sense according to your lifestyle and values.

I’ve spent 8 years studying psychology, three of which were specifically geared towards children and adolsecents and their families. This focused very much on how our childhood experiences affect us and help to shape us into the adults we later become. I’ve worked in several kindergartens and schools, and run three projects for a charity organisation offering children therapy in schools, while also running my private practice. I have helped hundreds of families and children.

However, all this experience and knowledge did still not fully prepare me for actually becoming a parent myself. It’s one thing to be educated to help others, and a whole other thing to experience it yourself. It was raw, it was sometimes painful and it was such a huge indescribable change in my life. It turned my life upside down.

So I know what it is like. I know how challenging it can be.

Despite having studied for all those years, when it’s your own child it just feels different. They pull on your heart strings, and they push all your buttons – even ones you didn’t know were there!

How I went from sometimes struggling parent to thriving parent

Even with all the information and knowledge I had, I still experienced feelings of confusion and inadequacy. There was so much contradictory information about what to do and how to parent. Everyone was telling me to do different things, and I was so tired that I was sometimes just trying to cope and survive. I was probably parenting the way I wanted to for about 20% of the time, and was acting on autopilot for 80% of the time, just repeating patterns from my own childhood, or semi-blindly following other people’s advice.

Because I wasn’t following my own parenting intuition and wasn’t looking after myself properly I was tired and overwhelmed and felt incredibly disconnected from myself.

Once I woke up to this and started putting things into place to support myself I turned it all around.

By being more present and living in a more connected and conscious way I now feel much better equipped with whatever comes. Life is still throwing me crazy curveballs – that never stops – but now I feel like I’m knocking them out of the ballpark by living an authentic life that really suits me. I am now parenting the way I consciously want to about 80% of the time, and less so around 20% of the time. There is always room for improvement, because there are always external factors we can’t fully control and also unconscious motivators and patterns playing a part in our lives. But life isn’t static, there is no end destination – we are on a constant journey – so that is to be expected. We will never be 100% perfect, and part of growing and evolving is letting go of that illusion. It only keeps us stuck in feelings of inadequacy and comparison with others rather than helping us accept where we are at and embracing our strengths and identifying our difficulties.

We are all so unique and only we can know what will make us truly happy. No one else can dictate to us what we should be doing with our lives or our children, and if we were to live by someone else’s words or values we would lose ourselves and we’d feel like our lives were missing something; some deeper connection.

I am here to help you connect with your inner resourceful parent, to listen to your inner voice and to stand by what it tells you. In a world full of uncertainty and confusing information I’m here to help you find out what works for you and your family. There are thousands of different ways to parent and to live a happy, thriving life. Let’s together find what works for you!

Book a free consultation now so we can identify your strengths and needs as a parent, and get you on track to living the life you envision for yourself.

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