Healthy Chocolate Mousse

This is a healthy dessert that your children will not even realise is healthy. They will feel like they have just indulged big time.

This is for those times you want something sweet and chocolatey but something that’s free from tonnes of additives and refined sugars.


  • 10 dates (remove the pits if they are not already removed.)
  • 1 can of cold coconut milk from the fridge  (not low-fat or ‘light’)
  • a handful of almonds *
  • 5 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla powder

* You can make this nut-free by substituting the same amount of almonds with blended sunflower seeds, and adding in 2 tbsp of chia seeds.


Put the can of coconut milk in the fridge the night before.

In fact, from now on you may want to keep a can of coconut milk in your refridgerator permanently in case the desire to make a decadent dessert suddenly strikes. Then you’re always ready.

This is the easiest dessert in the world. Just blend all the ingredients together. Then you can pop this back in the fridge to chill until you’re ready to enjoy it.

Top with some berries to make it extra special. I also like to sprinkle some dessicated coconut, chia seeds, or chopped toasted nuts on top. Just follow your heart and do whatever you think will taste good. I usually go for blueberries because of all their added health benefits, but I always look out for what’s cheap at the supermarket.

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