Hey, I’m Cam. You’re in my House Now.

Welcome to my house, come on in, the vibe is lovely.

I EMPOWER parents to live their best lives, and that takes commitment. From both sides. It’s a super fun ride though, and you will stretch your comfort zone by a gazillion percent. If you jump in both feet first and play full out then this will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself.

Who Am I And Why On Earth Am I Doing This?

I grew up in the Middle East, later moved to England where I took my Bachelors and Masters in Psychology and Psychodynamic Counselling for Children and Adolescents. It was in England that I grabbed loads of professional work experience leading 3 counselling projects for children in schools. I worked to improve lives for children and parents who were really struggling.

I know what it is to stuggle emotionally as a child because when I was 13 I lost my mother to cancer. My brother was only 5 at the time and we both had to grow up fast. So I know the pain.

I also know the pain and struggle of being a parent. (And the joys, and the bliss) I had all the child psychology experience behind me so I thought (crazily, borderline-arrogantly) “I’ve got this. It’ll be fine.” HA! Who was I kidding? Parenting is a messy business where you learn on the job. NO ONE IS FULLY PREPARED. No matter how many books you’ve read, theory is very different from REAL LIFE.

We can only ever know and love our children to the level that we know and love and accept ourselves.

So, its time to up-level and step up our parenting game BIG TIME by learning to love ourselves fully.

We will be so lit up with love, and connected to our inner guidance system that we will know what is best for us, and best for our children moment-to-moment.

And best of all – Our wonderful, precious children will learn how to love themselves by our example. We all know children don’t learn through what we tell them to do, but rather by what they see, feel, copy and internalise. We are their role-models. Through us they can learn true self-worth, limitless self-belief, and genuine confidence.

What People Are Saying About Camilla and her Saturated Love Boot Camp

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