Saturated Love Boot Camp

Saturated Love Boot Camp– 7 WEEKS TO DITCH SELF-DOUBT


This course will drench your soul with love.

I’ve made this course for all the women who have forgotten how awesome they are.

For the women who need a boost, who sometimes self-sabotage and doubt them selves. For the mothers who are tired, who want to stop being triggered into shouting at their children. It’s time to release what’s holding you back, empower yourself, and start living up to your full potential!

This course started out as something designed for mothers, but any woman struggling with self-doubt can benefit from the tools within it.

This course is right for you if:

  • You sometimes feel like you are surviving your life, not feeling inspired or energised by it.
  • You feel unable to stop habits you know don’t serve you, like shouting at your children.
  • You sometimes feel anxious or insecure about your parenting decisions.
  • You sometimes feel judged or misunderstood by others
  • You feel like a victim to circumstances that are out of your control.
  • You are READY to explode into your full power and be authentically you AT ALL TIMES.
  • You are READY to start looking after yourself so that you can be a better parent to your children.
  • You are READY to connect deeply with others through love.
  • You are READY to learn tools that will empower you so you can better guide your children.

This course WILL NOT work for you if:

  • You are a commitment-phobe. This course requires effort. (it’s also fun and worth it)
  • You are not able to be self-reflective.
  • You don’t like visualisation, meditation and using your intuition.
  • You are not prepared to take time for yourself to learn new tools and strategies (ca. 15 mins a day + more at least twice a week)

This course will teach you how:

  • To stop listening to and reprogram that little negative voice in your head, and instead to tune into and live from your heart.
  • To wake up feeling excited and energised, looking forward to the day ahead.
  • To recognise and start to heal your triggers.
  • To start to break negative cycles and habits so that you can choose not to pass them onto your children.
  • To start truly feeling like you trust yourself. To start living life fully and no longer be held back by fear.
  • To start tapping into your inner guidance system and start along the path of manifesting the life of your dreams.


Check out this short video (1min 49 sec) to see what others think:


  • 7 week e-course (video based)
  • A plan for a new morning routine that will rock your world
  • 6 weeks of self-love and confidence, 1 week of intensive parenting related content from a parenting expert
  • Monthly group calls that are recorded if you miss them
  • 7 weeks of accountability emails
  • Access to Camilla’s BRAND NEW ‘Joy: Being Present in Your Life’ course (available ONLY to Saturated Love Boot Camp Members)
  • BONUS OPT IN: as many one-to-one sessions as you’d like to support your journey. (at an exclusive discounted Member’s price)

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