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Golden Time

This is a game-changing tool for parents dealing with:

  • Power struggles with their children
  • children who feel undervalued or criticised
  • children displaying attention seeking behaviours
  • children who have stopped listening
  • or parents who just want to connect deeper with their children, and want them to feel loved and empowered.

This tool is so easy to implement and makes a world of difference!

Golden Time is especially good for families where the parents work long hours, or time feels scarce.

This tool has been called a “miracle cure” before, and it can be really LIFE-CHANGING when it’s coupled with a well balanced, supportive home-life. I’m not giving you permission to ignore your child all day and then when they’re desperately thirsting for your attention you throw them a measly 10 minutes. That’s a recipe for disaster. The key here is to follow your heart, and love your kids. This tool will help you do that.

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