A friendly reminder

I love being a mother.

Does that mean I love all parts of being a mother?


Who enjoys being sleep deprived? Who enjoys cleaning up vomit? Seriously. Picking up other people’s dirty underwear? Never quite knowing what surprise you may find under someone’s bed? I swear to Buddha, if I find one more stinky gross forgotten lunchbox in a school bag after the summer holidays I’ll burn the house down. (Okay, after a couple of deep breaths I know that I won’t. But seriously, I’m done with forgotten lunchboxes. Six weeks is too long, there’s no coming back from that).

So if you, like I, are a normal, sane human (mostly), and sometimes feel like motherhood is hard, and sometimes a joy: That’s normal. You’re normal.

I just wanted to remind you of that, in case you’d forgotten. In case you’d started believing the images of the supposed “super moms“ on Instagram, Pinterest, or any other social media platform. Remember we are ALL super moms (the ones who show up and give it their best, knowing their best will be different on different days), it’s not just the people posting the “perfect” pictures on social media.

And while we are at it – just another friendly reminder, what you see on instagram is never the whole picture. Everyone has the good moments, every one has the trying ones. It is just that many people post more of the good moments, giving us a weird skewed sense of reality. So if we know what’s good for us, we limit the time we spend on social media.

So, yes while I love being a mother, I don’t enjoy every single second of it. And that’s okay. I don’t have to.

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