The Hardest Pill to Swallow: food for thought.

Do you have the life you want? Are you truly 100% happy? Right now in this moment, do you have everything that you have ever wanted?

If not, what is holding you back?

Self-Limiting Beliefs.

Sometimes we hold ourselves back with our self-limiting beliefs. We make excuses or find “reasons” why it’s too hard for us to have the life we truly want, or to change the things we are unhappy with.

Beliefs are thoughts that you have persistently thought over and over again -Until they become ingrained. Until they become part of your belief system. The most fantastic thing is that you can change your thoughts. So if you’re not happy with how you feel right now, or how your life looks right now YOU can change this. Life has trained us to think a certain way, but we are not a VICTIM to the situation – We are the CREATOR of the situation. We can change the way we think, the way we feel, and how we live our lives.

Some beliefs we feel are almost ‘automatic’. We have carried them with us from childhood. Some of our beliefs, our mother had, or our father had. They believed these things and acted accordingly, and demonstrated to us that “this is how life is” so we came to believe this too. Life conditioned us, our experiences conditioned us. We followed our rolemodels.

But the amazing news is we just have to reprogram the way we think.

This sounds huge but is actually really, really simple.

It takes a little time and effort – like developing a muscle. If we want to be stronger then we work out at the gym, or exercise every day. It’s the same way with the mind. We have to train and flex, to make our mind stronger, and train in focusing our thoughts on what we want, not what we don’t want.

We are all deserving of love. We are all deserving of a truly fullfilling MAGNIFICANT life. No one is forcing us to have a life we feel trapped in, or not in control of. The hardest pill to swallow is when we realise that WE are the ones pinching ourselves off from the love and success. WE are the ones blocking ourselves, resisting with our thoughts and beliefs. We are the ONLY ones who hold that power.

We have been working against ourselves without even knowing it.

I run a short 6 week program that teaches you how to reprogram and reset your mind, but you have to be committed to this for it to work.

The SATURATED LOVE BOOTCAMP will teach you how to connect with a genuine love for yourself and upgrade your life to one that you truly enjoy. It will teach you that you are deserving of your best life, A five-star life, and teach you how to fill yourself up from within, instead of scrabbling for external outside sources to fill the void that you are feeling. When you find the power to fill yourself up from within, no one can ever make you feel anything negative again because no external event or source has that power over you or your feelings – unless you let it. By learning how to develop these “muscles” of focus, we choose where we want to focus our thoughts and feelings and build the life we want, rather than acting on autopilot and just feeling like life is “happening to us”. It’s OUR life. WE get to decide.

No more allowing people to make us feel bad, or unworthy. The SATURATED LOVE BOOTCAMP teaches you to set high standards for yourself.

If you’re ready to stop living a half-assed life, and ready to saturate your life with love by embarking on this AMAZING journey of self discovery and self improvement then join me HERE. Set your sights high and let’s do this together!

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