Accountability emails

We know that if you have someone keeping you on track and accountable, your success rate climbs.

I want you to succeed, so I’ve created a range of different accountability packages to go hand in hand with your needs.


These are written with love and completely personal to you – not some standard one-size fits all email template or something impersonal like that. These emails are lovingly crafted to give you feedback on where you’re at, to ask you questions, and get your motivational juices flowing.

Once paid for, the fee is non-refundable, which is yet another reason for you to keep up with the course on a weekly basis – I will touch base with you every week for the duration of the package, but once the emails run out, that’s it. Unless you purchase more of them. If that’s not a kind of motivation kick up the butt in itself, then I don’t know what it is!

Packages made for you


Fly high with a month of weekly accountability emails from Camilla. Staying on track is so much easier when you have someone rooting for you and checking in with your progress.



Feel like you have your own private cheerleader with 7 weeks of accountability emails from Camilla. With Camilla cheering you on, you are much much more likely to go GO GO! This package is recommended when you sign up for the SATURATED LOVE BOOT CAMP.



The package of all accountability packages!! With 10 weeks of accountability emails you are sure to have your need for weekly emails met. This is recommended for anyone working longer term with Camilla or taking the SATURATED LOVE BOOT CAMP who foresees that they will need a few weeks longer than the 7 week time-frame. Be kind and take the pressure off of yourself and allow a 3 week breather period for when life deals you the unexpected. This way you won’t lose momentum if you need to slow down for a week or two. With Camilla rooting for your success and sending you weekly emails throughout you will have so much more motivation!