I will not apologise.

I will not apologise.
I will not apologise for making sure I look after me, so I can better look after others.
Even if it sometimes means saying no.

I will not apologise for encouraging women and mothers to look after themselves. Or for telling them that they CAN have it all.
I will not apologise for guiding them to tap into their inner strength and natural-born intuition.

It’s theirs.
It’s their birthright. Why should they suppress that?
It’s where their power lays.

I will not apologise for helping women ignite the spark that burns deep within them. For fanning the flames until it’s a steady roar. For being unapologetically free to be their authentic selves. All the time.

I should not have to be afraid to take up space.
And neither should you sister.
No woman should.

It’s time for women to stop playing small, stop apologising, stop censoring themselves in order to protect others.

It’s time to stop putting everyone else first and deprioritising our own needs.
It’s time to step into our worth, and into our power.
It starts today. It starts now.

If you want to join me and other women empowering themselves, I run a 7 week transformational program that will rewire you totally for empowerment.
The Saturated Love Boot Camp will help you overcome the self-limiting thinking of your inner critic, and turn up the volume on your self-confidence.
You will start to feel sexy, start to feel confident, start to feel like you’re able to channel your inner sovereign, and live the life you desire.

You will start to feel like a powerful parent, who tunes into her kids, knows their needs, and also addresses her own.

No longer the kind of parent who burns out trying to give everything to everyone else leaving nothing for herself.

Contact me if you’d like to have a commitment-free conversation.

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