🔆 🌺 What will you get if you sign up for The Saturated Love Boot Camp? 🌺 🔆.

The answer is simple:
A parenting course that will change the way you look at parenting and give you the tools you need to empower yourself and to break the cycles you don’t want to pass on to your children.

This is a short TRANSFORMATIONAL course that will tap you into your inner strength and resourcefulness as a parent, increase your patience, and give you more energy as you spend less time and energy on worrying and self-doubt.

The course consists of:

❤️ short bite sized videos: to fit into your schedule (I know how busy us mommas are)

❤️ short worksheets to complete

❤️ a sisterhood of other women on the course via a private Facebook group

❤️ weekly accountability emails from a parenting coach for 7 weeks

❤️ a monthly group call via zoom with Camilla Parenting Coach and the other women on the course.

✅ THE FIRST 6 WEEKS do the ground work in you.
✅ the 7th WEEK is all about parenting with specific tools and strategies.
This combination works to allow your parenting style and parenting intuition to really blossom.

Without the ground work the 7th week’s strategies will not take root. You must understand yourself and your inner processes before you can move on to role model the tools for your children. You need to be a living breathing example of what you hope for them.

Break down of each week on the course:


This week you learn how to silence the voice of your inner critic using the ego-disrupter tool..You also find out how to start your day in a positive way so that you can be the boss of your day, rather than a slave to it.

This week we look at topics like love and what it really means to love someone and how we can express that love in healthy ways. We also look at raising our standards for what we allow into our lives because sometimes what is ‘masquerading as love’ is in fact, not.


You learn strategies for how to allow more joy and playfulness into your life as a parent, and how this can benefit your parenting.You learn strategies for how to shift your perspective on how you perceive yourself and your body to one of love and immeasurable strength.

You learn strategies for how to worry less and reduce stress levels in the module ‘Unsubscribe to Drama’ In the module ‘Princess, No more’ you learn how to take full responsibility for your life, your actions and your future self.


You learn how to take charge of your feelings and shift the way you look at your achievements and your day to be more compassionate with yourself.This week you learn to look at your past in a more empowering way, thus influencing how you feel about your present and your future.

This week also gives you strategies to build deep self-confidence and celebrate the things that are going well in your life.

❤️ Week 4 – GAME CHANGER.

You are given strategies for how to bring yourself back into positive alignment with your feelings.

You do some inner child work – healing some past wounds, which in turn can benefit your relationship with parenting.

You will also learn a Game Changing tool which will empower you tremendously. This is one of the secret weapons of the Saturated Love Boot Camp course.


Here we look at triggers: how to identify them, what they really mean, and how to take responsibility for them and dissolve them as you meet the needs that lay underneath.You learn strategies that shift you from a blame mindset, into an empowered one that recognises how far you have come.

You also learn how to allow your authenticity to shine through, and stand strong in who you really are.

❤️ Week 6 – LOVE CONQUERS.

This week is all about feeling the fear and doing it any way.

When you know how truly strong you are, and recognise how resourceful and resilient you are, you feel so empowered and like you can really go for your dreams. This is a wonderful strength to role model for your children.
Life isn’t always a bed of roses, but we can choose to keep getting back up when we fall.
After all, the only ones who don’t fall, who never make mistakes, are the ones who don’t ever try.
Without taking any risks we cannot achieve anything either. This is where you learn warrior strength and the skill to rise.

You also identify the support you have in your life, and learn how to tap into gratitude – which has been shown to be one of the healthiest habits a person can develop.


This week is all about parenting..This week gives you the opportunity to take an honest look at your parenting, and gives you skills to deeply connect with your children in the way that they need, rather than what you may think they need. (it reveals one of the biggest parenting misunderstandings) .You learn about healthy boundaries, and allowing your children to be their authentic selves without shutting their feelings down, inflicting shame or punishment, or it feeling overwhelming for you. .You learn strategies that help you recognise that parenting perfection is an illusion that only leads to low self-worth, negative inner talk, and self-sabotage. You are taught how to strive for healthier standards and goals for yourself and your children, which ultimately will lead to a better relationships both with yourself and your children

This life-changing course has allowed hundreds of women to feel more in charge of their lives, have more energy to be with present (and have more fun) with their families, and more energy and self-belief to go for their dreams.
It has improved the quality of the relationships these women have with their children, partners and friends. One of my clients even reported having higher sex-drive! 😍

If you are ready for change then sign up HERE.

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