Hi, I’m Camilla.

I own:
0 private jets
0 yachts
0 Teslas
0 gold bars
0 horses
0 stables.

You know what I do have though?

1 happy child who let’s me hug him every day
1 gorgeous husband with a quirky, slightly dark sense of humour
1 cute puppy with a happy waggly tail
2 eyes to see rainbows and watch sunsets with
2 legs to walk, run and dance with
2 ears to listen to awesome music with
1 nose to smell all my favourite essential oils with
2 hands to do cartwheels with (if I knew how – but I can always learn)
so many friends that I can’t count them.

I am so f***ing blessed. I am grateful every day.

Sure, I could focus on how my hubby snores a bit too loud, or that time he ate all the bacon…or how my kid gets angry at me sometimes…or how my dog barks in the middle of my work meetings sometimes…or how I live in a country where we have more winter than we have summer…and high taxes….

The truth is, you can always find something to complain about. You can always find things that seem to be “missing” from your life, but you can also find blessings that you have that others long for.

The trick is to keep the focus on what makes YOU feel fortunate, lucky, happy, empowered….

You always have a choice of where you place your focus.

7 years ago I sold ALL my stuff, and my family uprooted to another country, just to see what would happen.
You don’t need stuff to make you happy.
Your soul makes you happy.

Happy is a choice.
Do you agree? Or am I just a redhead talking crazy?

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