21 days to create a new parenting habit – day 2

DAY 2 – of 21 Days to a New Habit


You already have a bunch of habits. Some healthier than others.

  • From brushing your teeth in the morning,
  • to putting one sock on before the other (it’s probably usually the same foot you start with but you’ve never thought about it because it’s totally automatic),
  • to checking your mirrors before driving off in your car,
  • to eating those cookies when you feel sad,to perusing your phone while you’re on the toilet…the list is endless.

So why not make this new habit as easy as possible? Get the older more established habits to do the heavy lifting, and let the new habit ride along for free. In other words, whenever you do something old, add the new thing. Stack those bad boys on to your other habits!

 If you want to keep hydrated, drink a glass of water (new habit) before every meal (old habit).

 If you want to feel more confident, tell yourself you’re awesome while looking in the mirror (part of developing new habit) every time you go to the bathroom (old habit).

 If you want to quiet the inner turmoil, do a meditation (new habit) before bedtime (old habit).

You see what I’m saying? Think of every single thing that you do multiple times a day. These are all great opportunities to engage in the new habit. Drinking, eating, going to the bathroom, standing up and leaving the room…etc. Use these opportunities to do the new habit and to say your affirmation that you designed yesterday!

In fact, what are you waiting for? Say it right now! Say it LOUD! Like you believe it!

  • Say it first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.
  • Share it with a friend.
  • Whisper it to your pet.
  • Say it when you’re driving.
  • When you go check the postbox.
  • When you look at your watch.
  • When you stand up and stretch.
  • Say it when you eat ice cream.
  • Sing it in the shower.
  • Repeat it when you’re doing yoga.

Say it all day long! Say it out loud. Write it down. Say it like you mean it!

Every moment is an opportunity to cement in the new mantra. Remember when forming new beliefs and new habits, repetition is your friend!

See you tomorrow for day 3! 

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