21 days to a new parenting habit – day 3



You want to set yourself up for success.

You want to make it as easy as humanly possible to fulfil this new habit. Whatever it is, you’ve gotta make it supremely easy to see through.

So if your new habit is that you will be starting each day by going to the gym, then lay out your work out clothes the night before and pack everything you need. Get your work clothes ready in the bathroom for afterwards so that when you get home you can jump straight in the shower and go to work as soon as you’re done. Set the timer on the coffee maker or make sandwiches the night before so that you have breakfast ready to go and don’t have to spend any time on that in the morning.

Be kind to your future self the night before and get stuff ready.

Let this be your new favourite word: EASY EASY EASY.
When you feel any resistance to wanting to do the thing, remember how easy you’ve made it for yourself to jump straight into the new habit. Set several alarm clocks, some at varying distances from the bed so you actually have to get up to switch them off. Do whatever it takes!


See you tomorrow for day 4!

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