21 days to a new parenting habit – day 5



If only all our habits were super juicy and rewarding right from the get go, how much easier life would be. We’d be compelled to do them!

When we sink our teeth into a lovely big doughnut our sweet tooth is satisfied. So many “bad” habits release endorphins in our bodies – these are the feel good hormones. These encourage us to want to take that action over and over again, because it makes us feel good.

Unfortunately, not all habits make us feel instantly good or show us results right away. So the best thing to do is track your progress in some way. Rather than measuring success by results in the early days, measure it by involvement.

Track each day that you have engaged with your new healthy habit. And then mentally high five yourself for having done your nest and shown up for yourself!

Get creative with this and have some fun. Put a sticker on your calendar every day you’ve engaged in your new habit. Create yourself a sticker chart for the fridge, or get your kid to colour in a square for each day you’ve gone for a run (or whatever the thing is). Make it as visually pleasing as you can. Place it somewhere you will see it ALL THE TIME.

This way you’ll be much more invested in your progress, because some results take a while to come. After all, if it were that simple, or that satisfying you’d probably be doing it already, right?

See you tomorrow for day 6 – you’re gonna love this one!

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