21 days to building a parenting new habit – day 6



I know a girl who meditates every day, but in order to do it she has to get out her yoga mat to sit on and she lights a candle. If she tries to meditate from her sofa, it doesn’t work for her. If she tries to meditate laying down, she gets distracted. She has set herself a little ritual that makes it easier for her to focus her mind, settle her thoughts, and know that it’s time to get down to business.

So what could this be for you?

What ritual could you create for your new habit to signify that you mean business?

Think of something that works for you. It can be fun or it can be deadly serious.
Maybe it’s a particular song you listen to before going for a run to get yourself all pumped up. Maybe it’s a particular t-shirt you put on before you sit down to work. Maybe you put on war paint before you go to the gym.

Maybe you drink a glass of milk with your kid before sitting down to read a story before bedtime.

Whatever it is, it’s s symbol of how you’re showing up for yourself. It becomes a sacred act. This is about more than just this habit, it’s about showing yourself that YOU are in charge. Not that crappy inner critic voice inside your head. Scare that voice off with war paint and determination.

Say your mantra now and say it LOUD. Show that voice who’s boss.

If you want to be extra inspired there’s a short video by Tony Robbins (leading life coach) where he gets his audience to shout a series of statements to get them in a strong mindset. It starts with ‘Now I am the voice’ I’m sure you can probably find it online if you want to have something to say to yourself every day in the mirror.

See you tomorrow for day 7!

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