21 DAYS TO CREATE A NEW HABIT (parenting or otherwise)




Your thoughts can be your besties or your worst enemies.

They can build you up, or tear you down.

On average a person has 70-80,000 thoughts a day, and approximately 70% of them are negative. (how crazy is that?! Is it any wonder that depression and anxiety are at an all time high affecting 1 in 3 people?) So while you are building your new habits, you need to be hyper aware of where your thoughts are taking you.

We all have unconscious beliefs and thoughts that cause us more harm than good. We treat our thoughts as though they are the truth, but in fact they are not. We have just repeated them over and over until we have accepted them as truth.
* ‘I’m bad at maths’
* ‘No one listens to me’
* ‘My boss doesn’t respect me’.

The wonderful thing is we were given free will, and we get to CHOOSE what we believe and what we buy into.
Ask yourself: If it doesn’t feel good, why think it?

Is telling yourself repeatedly that you won’t get the promotion at work actually helping you in any way? You may think that that thought is shielding you from possible disappointment, but that thought is also keeping you small and stopping you from even going for it. It is also slowly eating away at your self-belief and self-confidence. You may think that that one thought is just related to your work situation, but it is also telling you that you’re not strong enough to take risks, that it’s safer if you play small and stay in the little box you’ve created for yourself. It is keeping you in protection mode, in survival mode, rather than thrive mode.

It’s time to break free!

You don’t have to believe everything your brain tells you.

Monitor your thoughts. Helicopter parent your thoughts like you would your children (or even more so than you would your kids) and whenever something negative or self sabotaging comes up ask your thought… “Says who?” in the most defiant way you can think of. (Maybe throw in a hand gesture for fun).

Make it fun, get in touch with your inner rebel.
Defy the “authority” of your harsh inner critic voice.

See you tomorrow for Day 8!

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