21 days to building a new habit – day 8


It’s time to get serious about this new habit stuff!

Get creative about ways to keep yourself engaged with doing your new habit.
Reward yourself with something amazing that brings you joy, satisfaction or pleasure.
This is serious business this improving your life stuff and you ONLY HAVE 21 DAYS to do it in – so really make it count! Pull out all the stops. Do whatever it takes.

As long as it’s not illegal or causes anyone any harm, then anything is fair game. You know yourself best and what will perfect to reward the shit out of yourself with.

Use your reward as a dangling carrot, that keeps you going.

Just maybe don’t use something counter productive. Like for example, as a reward for eating all your celery sticks, you may not want to reward yourself with a box full of doughnuts.

But you could use things like only allowing yourself to watch an episode of your favourite series when you’re on the exercise bike or treadmill as encouragement.

Or get an accountability buddy. Then add some competition into the mix! Whoever ticks off the most tasks/does most to support their new habit/doesn’t bail on their habit, wins the reward that week. This could be pooling some cash together and winner takes all, or it could be the ‘winner’ gets taken out to dinner by the accountability buddy who didn’t do as much to support their new habit. Or their accountability buddy gives them a massage, or buys them an ice cream or something.

See you tomorrow for day 9!

Write what your new habit is in the comments.

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