How to build a new habit in 21 days – DAY 9



The trick is not to overwhelm yourself. Some people go crazy with fitness for example to start with and can’t maintain it. They get tired and burn themselves out. It would be better to set yourself a smaller goal and then stick to it.
Set a timer and do five squats every half an hour, or just do one push up a day, then build it to two push ups, then three… Build up gradually so you are more invested in being in this for the long run.

If you find playing role-play games with your kid tedious, start with short periods of time of 5 minutes then gradually build it. Or if it’s making time to read with your child every day, again smaller bites of 5-10 minutes here and there are better than suddenly deciding to read for 45 minutes a day and then ditching it completely after 5 days because you can’t manage to fit it into your already packed schedule.
Be kind to yourself and start small, making more and more space and time for your new habit in your life.

See you tomorrow for day 10!

And remember to say your mantra.

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