HOW TO BUILD A KICK ASS NEW HABIT (parenting or otherwise) in 21 DAYS.

DAY 10


You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with the people who support your dream.

If you are quitting drinking then hanging out with party people alcoholics will not help you stay focused, or keep a positive mindset about your new habit.

You want to make your habit as easy as possible to do, you don’t want anyone raining on your parade and making your new habit feel like a pain in the ass, an inconvenience or an alien concept. If you want to shout less at your children, hanging out with moms who hit their kids and say ‘it’s good for them with this kind of discipline – it gives them character,’ won’t help you. In fact if anything, they’ll probably look at you like you’re an alien being that is offering them unsolicited advice, just by your existence. If ever there was a way to fuel self-doubt it’s by surrounding yourself with people who feel like your dream is a criticism of their lifestyle – because they will react to you, and it’s hard not to take that on. Save your energy and surround yourself with likeminded people instead.

People who already have/do what you’re aiming for can be excellent role models. Hang out with them or team up as accountability buddies. Get a coach, mentor or join a support group.

Remind yourself why you’re doing this – or who you are doing this for (your kid for example) and plaster a great big picture of them up somewhere to remind yourself. Or do a vision board to keep you focused. If you are committing to do yoga everyday to be more flexible, relaxed, and get a toned body then create a collage of people doing yoga, maybe throw some pictures of yourself on there – or get freaky and stick pictures of your face over theirs! Have fun, great creative and keep your environment positive.

Watch inspiring Ted talks, repeat your mantra, read inspiring books, watch films that keep you motivated. Meditate, Pray. Focus on keeping your mood and vibe high, because when we feel good, we believe we can achieve our goals, and when we are depressed we lack motivation.

See you tomorrow for day 11!

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