21 days to building a new habit – day 13

21 DAYS TO BUILD A NEW HABIT(parenting or otherwise).

DAY 13

Words are powerful. They anchor in your beliefs and they anchor in your reality.

Get excited about the outcome of your habit. You need to speak as if it’s on it’s way. Speak as someone who’s been doing this habit for years. Literally take on their persona as if you’re their hand puppet and they are moving you around and speaking for you. EMBODY their identity, imagine the things they’d do and say – and then do them!

After all they ARE you – just the you in the future, who’s already taken on this habit.

Be mindful of your words today.

Don’t say things like
‘I have no will power’
or ‘I always give up’
or ‘I love a cigarette but I am forced to give them up.’

Be positive.

Be on the look out for words like:
“I can’t”
“I never”
“I wish”
“I hate”
and replace them with more empowered phrases like:
“I can”
“I do”
“I am good at”
“I love”.

Words have power. Claim that power.

Remember YOU are in charge. You have choice. You CHOOSE this habit. You are choosing to improve your life. That’s a big deal. This is big, what you are doing. This is strong. YOU are strong.

So tap into that inner strength and know that you’ve got this.

See you tomorrow for day 14.

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