DAY 15


Not only will you not negotiate with your negative thoughts and cravings(see day 11)…Now the things that trigger you into wanting to do the old behaviour, will be turned upside down and used to triggers to ACTIVATE you into doing the NEW habit.

Today is the day you take your power back over your triggers.

When – not if -the craving comes, then do something positive instead.
So, if your trigger cue is to want a cup of coffee and you’re quitting caffeine, then use this a cue to get up and drink a glass of water instead. If you have the urge to complain about someone and that’s the habit you’re ditching, then use this as the opportunity to say your mantra 5-10 times.

Use your triggers as the things that will make you better at your new habit.

Have a plan and specific replacement in mind for when the triggers get activated.

If you look in the mirror with critical eyes and start an inner critical dialogue about how fat you are, stop, tell yourself you love yourself while you look deeply into your own eyes. Then close your eyes and visualise yourself happy and healthy. What would that look like? Take a moment to dwell in those thoughts and then go on with your day. Until your next critical thought, and then do it again.

Use your triggers to trigger you into good things!
The whole reason we want a new habit, is to feel good, or feel better. Start feeling good right now – you don’t have to wait for your habit. Trigger yourself into good things.

See you tomorrow for day 16.

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