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DAY 17


Tap into your confidence about how well you are now doing this new habit. It’s not even that new to you any more.

Push your fears and doubts aside and reside in that confident, self-assured place. Your fears and doubts aren’t true anyway (remember not to believe every thought you have).

You take on a lot of other people’s beliefs during your childhood, because as children we are like little sponges absorbing everything around us and taking it at face value as the truth. They are actually JUST beliefs, and some of them probably weren’t even your own. You don’t have to keep those beliefs if they aren’t serving you. So ditch the doubt.

A happy mind = a happy body. There is a powerful mind-body link and you can use this to your advantage when building your new habit.

When something negative happens we go into a state of stress and start focusing on the negative that has happened, even though that’s not the ONLY thing going on. For example, if someone got bitten by a snake or received a bad diagnosis, they would most often go into a state of fear. When we are in “fight, flight or freeze,” we actually produce more stress hormones that in turn sabotage our healing. The stress hormones cortisol and adrenalin suppress our immune function – so being in a state of fear doesn’t help us. They only help us if the stressful situation is acute, rather than a chronic stressor. So for example, if we needed to run from a predator RIGHT NOW, then adrenaline is awesome because your body uses it to run faster or fight harder. But if the stressor is a more long term issue than a quick run, like if you’ve been given a bad diagnosis or have been put on probation at work, then those hormones won’t help you feel better in your body or in your mind. Our bodies weren’t designed with modern day society’s chronic stressors in mind.

So do whatever it takes to cultivate feel-good hormones. Get the dopamine and serotonin flowing, and get into a state of wellbeing and confidence instead. It will take you further with your new habit.

Ways to build confidence can be to sit up straight and start acting like the person you are becoming. Ooze with confidence. This habit is so normal and every day now, that it’s not even a big deal. If you’re eating healthier, that bag of open potato chips your kids have got isn’t even something that registers on your radar. You just walk on by because you have more important things going on.

Another way to build confidence is to write down 3 things you didn’t think you could accomplish. When you did something you didn’t think you’d be able to. Remind yourself how awesome you are.

See you tomorrow for day 18!

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