21 DAYS TO A NEW HABIT (parenting or otherwise).

DAY 18


Screw perfection, perfection is an action killer.

When we focus on getting something just right or ‘perfect’ it can overwhelm us, or make us freeze, and we often end up taking no action at all because of all the pressure we put on ourselves.

Instead aim for ‘good enough’ and it will take you much further. My mantra when taking on a new habit or completing a big project is ‘done is better than perfect’ One of my mentors always say she aims for B grade work rather than A+. This attitude will stop you from freezing up, and will keep you moving.

If you can’t run, walk.

If you can’t walk, crawl.

If you can’t crawl, drag your sorry-ass bag of bones across the floor if you need to. Just keep moving.

If you’ve decided that your new habit will be becoming a good listener, then practice! Practice every chance you get. On the bus listen to your fellow passenger talking, listen attentively. In the doctor’s waiting room, listen and focus like never before while little Mr. Old tells you all about why he’s there and his weird long list of symptoms. Ask the bartender how THEIR day was, and then listen with an open heart.

Practice, practice, practice.

You will notice an improvement in your skills, and you will start to see yourself as the patient person you are underneath it all.

The more you identify with your habit, the stronger it becomes.

Be patient, keep going. You’re getting there.

See you tomorrow for day 19.

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