Get Connected – Get More Presence and Joy

JOY: Being Present in Your Life

My gorgeous sister,

This course is for you if you have completed the Saturated Love Boot Camp and want to go even deeper.

In the first course you learn how to connect deeply with yourself and connect to the eternal well of self-worth that is within us all.

In this expansion to the Saturated Love Boot Camp, you learn tools to connect even deeper with the people around you; your loved ones, and also how to be even more present in your life.

Let’s get started – this short course will change your world!

JOY: Being Present in Your Life

What exactly does this course cover?

JOY: Being Present in Your Life

Week One

Helps you understand who you really are, and how your story telling brain sometimes gets in the way of that.

Teaches you how to tap into happiness and find your way out of the dumps when your well-being takes a hit. This is handy, as life will always throw us unexpected curve balls and will never be ‘perfect’. (Just to mention a few from my own recent personal experience: People will still die in car accidents, beloved pets will still get mauled, your friend will still suddenly decide to move to another country, family members will still get cancer. Shit still happens.)

Teaches you how to expand your comfort zone and find the things that work for you.

Contains an entirely new VISUALISATION VAULT.
These meditations, visualisations and breathing exercises are brand new.
but don’t worry – all the ones you know and love from the Saturated Love Boot Camp course are there too (with a few new improvements as well)

Week Two

Feeling all the feelings

How to dose up on love

Learning to embrace both yourself and an imperfect partner

Practical tools and strategies to connect with your children and partner