Mindful Colouring Book for Mothers

Self-care and mindfulness is my jam – and now it can be yours too!

Take some time to relax with these beautiful colouring book pages for mothers.

WARNING: contain expletives, swear words, and the potential for a damn good time.

How to enjoy these pages:

On your own.
Got some time alone? BLISS!

With a group of friends and your favourite beverages – FUN!

Colour in while your children are colouring in their own books too – QUALITY TIME TOGETHER!

Colour them in on the train, on a plane, or on a long bus journey.

Colour them in while listening to your favourite audiobook or podcast

Use them to start a small fire in your fireplace.

Use them to teach your kids how to make paper airplanes

Leave them on strangers’ car windscreens

Give them to people you love for them to enjoy.

What snacks do these work well with Camilla?

Cookies, cakes, marshmallows…

Carrots and other things that crunch…

A glass of wine!

A creamy cup of hot chocolate…

Your favourite mug of tea and a blanket. (the blanket’s not for eating. Don’t be silly.)

When NOT to use these awesome Mindful Colouring pages:

when you are driving your car or operating heavy machinery

when you are meant to be

when your house is on fire

when you’re teaching your kid to swim

when you’re in the shower

when you’re riding a giraffe at the zoo (is that even a thing?)


Colour Your Way To Relaxation…

This could be the thing that CHANGES YOUR LIFE!

After all…

This colouring book COULD increase happiness and relaxation levels, decreasing your stress and grumpy levels, leading to less shouting, better relationships, and connection with your family. This in turn COULD lead to your children building better levels of self-worth and self-belief, causing them to follow their dreams and become the leaders of tomorrow.

WOW, did I tell you this colouring book was magical or what?

Or it COULD just be a fun time colouring for an hour or two.

Either way, sprinkle some fun on your daily grind with these beautiful pages.