Joy Being Present in Your Life



This is the course for you if you have taken the SATURATED LOVE BOOT CAMP and now want to ripple the love outwards even further.



The Saturated Love Boot Camp allowed you to develop the tools to reduce and overcome self-doubt, connect to love, and be kinder to yourself inside your head. Coming from a place of compassion and love we now take a step further – to go deeper into connecting to those around you through love, and to bringing more presence and being more mindful in your day-to-day life.



This course is about slowing down, deeper presence, and surrender.



What You Get:

  • 2 weeks of bite sized videos. These videos are shorter than the ones from the original SATURATED LOVE BOOT CAMP and there are no worksheets to complete.
  • A series of new meditations and tools for being more mindful, present and grounded.
  • Tools for how to feel more close knit as a family, and for how to connect on an even deeper level with your nearest and dearest.
  • This course builds on the foundation that the first course set.
  • Access to the Monthly group calls that are shared with the exceptional women on the Saturated Love Boot Camp. (these are recorded if you can’t attend)