Hello gorgeous goddess mama.

You work so hard to look after others, now it’s time for you to take some sweet care of yourself.
Taking time for self-care isn’t selfish – if we don’t look after ourselves, we can’t look after others.
Give yourself permission to slow down.

I created this epic self-care pack for a 3 day self-care challenge over in my facebook group, but felt called to share it with all mothers – not just facebook ones! This will ensure that your self-care idea well will never run dry.

There are so many reasons to focus a little time on self-care:

  • You will feel better rested, and will be able to give more/help more/do more for your family.
  • You will have more energy and feel more like yourself.
  • You can prevent burn-out (if you’re flat on your back with exhaustion, you can’t help anyone mama).
  • You will benefit your own health.
  • You can avoid going into resentful-mode when you overwork yourself, while others get to chill.
  • You show your children how to take care of themselves, when they see you looking after yourself. (good role-modelling mama!)

Why you need this FREE pack in your life RIGHT NOW:

  • This 26 page pack is BURSTING FULL of EPIC inspiration for self-care.
  • There’s a whole section in the pack that looks at the importance of self-care and another that shows us the excuses and stories we tell ourselves about why we don’t “do” self-care.
  • Because I know free time doesn’t grow on trees, the pack is designed in an easy and quick to read way.
  • When you implement some of the things in the pack, you’ll start to notice a considerable difference right away.
  • This is my GIFT to you – from one mama’s heart to another’s. (I know how it feels to be close to burn out. Been there, done that, don’t need a T-shirt, and TRUST ME, neither do you my lovely.)


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